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Georgia Gray Voice Studio teaching

Teaching singers to use their voice to their full potential.

Hi, I’m Georgia Gray, a singing teacher from New Zealand, living and working in Paris, France. I started my studio because I wanted to make great singing accessible to everyone.

Trained in the classical school, I have a deep understanding of how the voice works. I have found that many people who love to sing wish they knew more about their voice, and that they could do more with it. Whether it be elusive high notes, breathlessness, or lack of confidence, many people are far from reaching their potential as singers. But they generally don’t want to put themselves in a box and commit to just one style of singing, and so shy away from lessons with a trained teacher. That’s where I come in:

Teaching singers solid technique through the music they love to sing:

I strongly believe that singers don’t have to stick to one style of music to learn great technique. I also believe that singing what we love is the best motivation to improve.

But what’s all this about technique, you might ask? Why does technique matter? Technique is about the way we do things. In sport, poor technique can lead to serious injury. In baking, poor technique might mean you curdle the cream or split the batter. Do you see the pattern? In singing, poor technique can have several negative outcomes:

  • Not reaching your potential as a singer: singing out of tune, having a shaky voice, running out of breath, a reduced range (not being able to sing as high or as low as you’d like)
  • Worst case scenarios: if you sing a lot with poor technique you can actually harm your voice, sometimes even leading to losing it completely

Have I convinced you yet? Great technique is the key to great singing.

If you would like to improve your singing, keep reading.

What I do:

I teach individual singing and speaking lessons, and am available to teach group workshops. I will also be teaching Musical Theatre classes for children from September, in collaboration with Harriet Phillimore from Phillimore Tutors. I also write a blog on subjects surrounding the ‘singing world’. You can read more about me and my teaching style here. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with what I’m up to – and to make sure you don’t miss any special deals on lessons!

You can contact me through my website, or through my social media channels.

See you soon!

Georgia Gray Voice Studio