Georgia Gray: Voice Teacher

About Georgia Gray
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Background, Training, Experience

I am a professionally trained singer, with a background in classical singing. Alongside over a decade of singing training in the classical school, I hold a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice Performance from the University of Otago. Furthermore, I have experience in musical theatre, pop, and traditional Polynesian and Māori song. These last two are thanks to my multicultural upbringing in Wellington, New Zealand.

I have several years’ experience teaching and coaching singing in different environments. I conducted my first choir at age 15, and caught the teaching bug. A musical theatre chorus, a gospel choir, a rock band or a big solo exam – I’ve been there with them.

Additionally, I have experience teaching English, French, music theory, and tutoring various other school subjects. I enjoy working with students of all ages, and the challenges of having a very varied client base.

What I’ve learned

Good, healthy singing technique is universal. Up to a certain point, if students are taught strong foundational technique (see my five pillars below), they will have the freedom to sing in whatever style and context they wish.

Of course, once you get to a certain level you need to specialise, much like a doctor who has to complete foundational training before training to become a surgeon. But you can’t skip the foundational knowledge and jump straight in to becoming an Opera singer or a pop star – and if you try you can end up in a lot of vocal trouble as a result. Since most people aren’t aiming to be at a professional level, I have centred my teaching around a universal technique that can be applied to any style. 

A love for singing is the best motivation to improve. My belief is that foundational knowledge should be taught according to the interests and passions of the student.  I provide a nurturing environment where students can discover their own voice, and build the confidence to use it in whatever way they choose, through music they love.

The Five Pillars of Singing Technique

Students almost always worry about the same things: 

Performance singing Georgia Gray microphone
Photo: Didier Heslon
  • Having ‘power’ in their voice (volume, projection)
  • Singing ‘high’ notes
  • Running out of breath
  • Having a shaky voice
  • Not having confidence to sing in front of others
  • Feeling like they have to force the sound
I have developed a programme for learning foundational technique based on what I have named the Five Pillars. These are: 
  1. Alignment (Posture)
  2. Breathing
  3. Sound Production
  4. Support
  5. Diction
I teach these techniques gradually, and integrated within each lesson, so that eventually all five pillars become second nature on which beautiful singing can be built. Through learning the correct techniques for singing in these five areas, students are able to get to know their instrument, and learn to harness its natural reflexes and design to sing with more energy, volume, clarity, stability and ultimately, beauty.

My Teaching Style

I have a holistic style of teaching, focussing on the needs and interests of each individual student. My aim is to empower my students to sing what they love, using healthy and sustainable technique. Consequently, I am open to teaching all genres and styles of music. Most of all, my goal is to:
  • build a strong foundation of knowledge
  • stimulate a passion for singing
  • inspire confidence.

I take time to get to know my students, and what drives them. With this in mind, I design every lesson based on the goals and progress of the individual student. I have a huge toolkit of exercises, games and techniques that I can dive in to, to find the best learning tools for each student…and I’m always researching to expand my knowledge. If I come up against something I don’t know, I go away and find out through research and talking to colleagues and mentors. 

Lessons are always structured, with time for warm ups, technical exercises, and repertoire (songs) work. I give clear instructions on what the student should work on between lessons, and am available to answer any questions in between lessons. I make it clear to my students that they are the master of how much they get out of lessons, in how much they choose to practise at home.

Learn with Me

Who is Georgia Gray?

About Georgia Gray
Photo: Krystal Kenney

Georgia Gray is a twenty-something New Zealander who’s lived in Paris, France with her French fiancé and their cat, Lyra, since 2015. Alongside her music background, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts in French, which is how she ended up in France. In her spare time she likes to explore Paris, read historical fiction novels, watch films, and bake. She started Georgia Gray Voice Studio in 2017.