LAMDA Musical Theatre Classes

2019-2020 Registration Opening Soon

LAMDA Musical Theatre

Classes in English

Our Mission:
Building self confidence through
musical theatre

We absolutely love teaching our Musical Theatre classes because of the growth we see in our students throughout the year. They improve as actors and singers, gaining confidence in their performance skills. At the same time, we watch them build their self confidence, work as a team, and create characters and scenes with such imagination. We want our students to learn communication skills that will serve them through the rest of their lives. 

LAMDA (read more below) is an excellent programme for building these skills as it has a holistic approach that focuses all aspects of performance, and sets high expectations that see our students excel. We are constantly amazed and surprised by the creative performances our students design, with our guidance, through this curriculum. For students who choose to sit the optional exams, they are able to learn to perform under pressure, and are provided with extensive feedback with which to take their learning forward.  

Quality Kids/Teens Programme

We believe strongly in providing quality learning for our students. Classes are small, with a maximum number of 10 children each. Each week’s class is clearly structured, building on the previous weeks’ work. We select songs and texts to work on that are appropriate for each class, while fun games and activities teach the more abstract technical skills of singing and acting.

Each week is different depending on the progress of the children, but a typical class would be: 

  1. Team building game

  2. Acting & singing warm ups

  3. Song learning at the piano

  4. Character & story discussions/activities

  5. Acting game/exercise

  6. Practice solo performance

Lisa (British) and Georgia (New Zealander) are both native English speakers, so classes are taught in full English immersion. The class is an excellent opportunity for your bilingual child to improve and become more confident in their English skills.

Experienced Teachers

Georgia Gray, Singing Teacher
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A native New Zealander, Georgia is the voice teacher at Georgia Gray Voice Studio, which she started in Paris in 2017. Georgia is a trained classical singer with broad experience across a wide range of musical styles. She has developed a strong method in vocal technique that can be applied across all musical styles. She loves teaching young voices to shine through fun activities and games.

Georgia began performing on stage at a young age, studying dance, and later performed in musicals and operas including Les Misérables as Fantine, Beauty and the Beast as the Wardrobe, The Magic Flute as The Queen of the Night, and The Marriage of Figaro as Susanna. In Paris she now performs for weddings and special events in her spare time. 

Georgia holds a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice Performance, a Bachelor of Arts in French. If you’d like to read more about her, please go here.

Lisa Bidnall, Drama/Performance Teacher

English born and educated, Lisa began her artistic journey as a classical dancer and still enjoys nothing more! Lisa is an experienced Dance and Drama teacher, having taught in schools in the UK, Kenya, Kuwait and Paris. Lisa believes that Performing Arts is the most wonderful thing to teach: the transformation of the students on so many levels still surprises her even now. 

Lisa has kept her own passion of performing by regular involvement of dance shows, plays and of course musicals. Recent musicals include Seussical the Musical as Vlad Vladikoff, Hairspray as Velma Von Tussle, Mamma Mia as Tanya, The Adams Family  and Sweeney Todd as ensemble. 

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Education in Dance and Related Arts from the University of Chichester.

LAMDA - Internationally recognised qualifications for children and teens

LAMDA (formerly the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) is a highly respected educational institution in the performing arts. It is likewise known for its widely acclaimed examinations.

“LAMDA exams are about achievement – recognising and rewarding the endeavours of each individual – but they are also about empowerment. Our ultimate aim is to provide all people with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success: attributes such as self-confidence and the ability to communicate clearly and present ideas…Across the globe, our examinations unite learners of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and cultures in enthusiasm for the English language and a desire to develop skills for life.” (Text from:

Students in our classes will have the option of sitting these exams if they wish to.

Practical Details

KIDS 7-11

2 pm – 3:15 pm Wednesdays

HF Music Studios 14ème

TEENS 12-16

3:45 pm – 5 pm Wednesdays

HF Music Studios 14ème

Classes take place on Wednesday afternoons at HF Music Studio, Paris 14 (5 rue Dareau, 75014).

Registration will open soon for children (age 7-11) and teens (age 12-16).

Classes are 350 euros/trimester, for a total of 30 weeks.