Private Lessons: Sing with Confidence

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Believe you can singing lessons
  • Discover the full range of your voice?
  • Learn to use your breath with freedom?
  • Sing with a strong, clear tone?
  • Gain the confidence to perform for others?
  • Take your singing to the stage?
  • All while singing the music you love?

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As your singing teacher, I will work with you to develop a strong and healthy singing technique. We will choose songs together that match your goals and interests. You’ll feel more sure of your singing voice, and gain confidence in performing. You’ll be spending time doing something you love, and the confidence you gain in your singing will likely reflect in the rest of your life. 

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"I was horribly anxious about my first lesson with Georgia, as I hadn't felt comfortable singing in years. She was lovely to work with, which makes me think all sorts of things are possible. Georgia has re-awoken my dream of gigging again."
Evaluation Lesson
You never know what you are capable of until you try – so why wait? 
Adult students
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Child/Teen students
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Hear from my students about their lessons:

"I've had half a dozen singing teachers across more than 30 years, and Georgia is the first who has not imposed upon me their own technique, but really listened to what I'm doing, and actively helped me put right what I was doing wrong. Georgia has helped me discover the extent of my range : potentially three octaves! She's given me hope at last!

Singing Student

"Georgia is a lovely person to work with, very encouraging, and she uses a lot of different techniques to work on weak spots, extend range and skills, and bolster confidence."

Singing Student

"I gained invaluable lessons in how to prepare myself to sing, how to breathe, how to approach (and therefore interpret) the songs I was preparing for an audition, and how to relax and let go, so as to give more volume. My audition went well, I was confident and a lot of it was thanks to Georgia."

Singing Student

"Having the right technique to support my voice and not strain or push has made such a difference to my vocal health. More than that, now I am able to sing things without any trouble that previously would have strained or hurt my voice."

Singing Student

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Georgia Gray Singing Teacher About Lessons

About Georgia

Georgia is a twenty-something New Zealander living and working in Paris, France. She's a trained classical singer, passionate teacher and in her spare time she loves to sing for special events such as weddings.

Kids and Teens Group Lessons LAMDA

Group Classes for Kids & Teens

I teach intensive Musical Theatre Classes for children based on the LAMDA curriculum, alongside drama and dance teacher Lisa Bidnall. Registration OPEN NOW!

Vocal Health Georgia Gray

Workshops and Masterclasses

Adult and Teen workshops are held regularly on Friday evenings at Rock U Paris. All sorts of singing and performance topics!