Workshops can be a lot of fun, and a great way to gain some more knowledge about singing technique. They can be perfect for preparing for a concert or show, when you’ve got a big group of people who don’t all have time to take lessons individually, but could use some extra help. Often participating in a group workshop can be a good way to decide if you want individual lessons – you can get to know me a little, and find out if my teaching style works for you.

Different workshops for different needs

I tailor all my workshops to the needs of the group. Choirs, bands, theatre groups, groups of friends who enjoy singing together, can all benefit from group workshops with me. Some of the workshops I have taught in the past have covered:

  • Warm ups and singing games
  • Fundamental singing techniques – The Five Pillars
  • Singing in a group
  • Singing in harmony
  • Conquering stage fright
  • Stage presence and being confident on stage

I would love to come work with your group, and design the perfect workshop to improve their singing and performance skills.


If you’ve got a group who are all performing solo songs, a Masterclass could be a good option. Each participant performs their song and receives coaching in front of the rest of the group. Participants benefit from seeing and hearing others learn, and leave with a clear plan of a few things to work on to improve their own performance. Masterclasses are also great for building confidence and performance experience.

Warm up singing Georgia Gray
Leading a cast warmup for the International Players (in costume). ©DidierHeslon


Workshops start from 80/hour. As all my workshops are tailor-made, prices vary based on group size, content, location and length. Please get in touch to start planning your first workshop with me!


I come to you, and am open in to working in whatever space you provide. If you have a group but no space, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as there is always a solution.

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