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Are you ready to book a lesson? I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing you sing! 
Please read this page carefully so we can have a great first lesson together.
To book a lesson you need to complete my booking form, and select your lesson time and date.

Note that GGVS is an online studio – all lessons take place online.

"It was a lovely, comfortable and rewarding first lesson. The booking process was easy and straight forward, and I had read the preparation for the evaluation lesson so I knew what to expect."
New Student
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What will I get from a trial lesson?

Georgia Evaluation Lesson
In your trial lesson, we will start by getting to know each other.
  1. You can tell me about what made you want voice lessons, what you hope to learn, what you like to sing. I can help you clarify and articulate your voice challenges and goals. 
  2. I will tell you about my coaching style, how I’ll make that work for you and your unique goals, and what being a part of the studio looks like.
  3. We will make some sounds together, personalised on the spot based on what I hear, so I can start to get to know your voice. You’ll sing the song you prepared for me.
  4. I’ll give you feedback about what I think we could work on together, and what that would look like.
  5. You can ask all your questions!

Prepare a Song

If your voice goals are primarily related to singing, please prepare a song to sing for me, so that I can get to know your voice and your level. It can be anything you love to sing! You can sing it by heart or with the words; unaccompanied or with a backing track (or self-accompanied if that’s your jam!). I can hear your voice better this way, but if that feels too scary I don’t mind if you sing along to a recording. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable, is the best choice!

P.S. It’s normal to be nervous! We like to call this nerve-cited (nervous excited).

How online lessons work

Zoom Lessons

I use the web application Zoom for all online lessons. When you book your lesson, the confirmation email will have a link to your Zoom lesson. You can connect to Zoom either via a browser on your computer, or via the Zoom app on your phone or tablet.

If you aren’t sure about how to set this up I will provide support to get you ready to go! 

Prepare Your Space

Choose a room for your lesson that is quiet where you will be undisturbed.

Set up your device so that you can stand comfortably without looking up or down at the screen. You can prop it up on a bookshelf, kitchen bar, or mantlepiece, for example. Have a seat at hand for when we’re chatting if you like, but it’s generally easier and more comfortable to do the singing part standing up.

If you have headphones, usually they help improve the sound quality of the connection – but also it’s fine if you don’t!

Bookings & Payment

To book a trial lesson you need to:

  1. Read this agreement
  2. Choose a lesson time in my calendar, and pay to book it, completing all the booking questions.

You’ll receive an automatic confirmation email, and I’ll send you an invoice as receipt of payment.

When Can I Book A Lesson?

I teach Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday, with lesson times variously available from 10 am to 16:45 pm Central European Timezone (CET).

My students have regular lesson times, so I generally have similar lesson times available. Try to choose a time for your trial lesson that you could do regularly if you choose to join the voice studio!


You may reschedule your trial lesson up to two times, as long as you do so at least 48 hours before your scheduled time.

Cancellations less than 48 hours before your lesson will not be refunded or rescheduled. Missed lessons will also not be refunded or rescheduled.


How Much Does it Cost?

Trial lessons cost 90€. Please allow 60 mins.

This includes my preparation for our time together, and my trained ears and specialised knowledge from years of study and experience, to evaluate your specific vocal needs, and the personalised feedback I can provide you. Whether or not we decide to work together, I will give you clarity on your goals and what options are there for your singing going forward.

You will need to pay for your lesson in advance to confirm your booking.

No Obligations & Waiting List

In booking and taking a trial lesson with me, you are under no obligation to become a member at my studio or to continue with lessons.

Equally, I’m under no obligation to find a place for you in my schedule straight away. It’s my priority to have the time and energy to give my all to my students, but to do so, I have to cap the number of students I take on. Students who have completed a trial lesson will be placed on my waiting list and given the opportunity to register with the studio when a spot opens up.

Trial lessons don’t expire – you can have a trial lesson with me in September 2022 and not register for my studio until 2023. Students who have already had a trial lesson get priority for registration, after currently registered students.

After your evaluation lesson

What happens after my lesson?

If we both decide to go ahead with lessons together, I will give you access to my online registration portal so you can register as a Kea Voice Studio Member. (See my lessons page for why I named my memberships after NZ birds!)

We will choose a permanent lesson time that suits both of us. If the studio schedule is full, I will put you on my waiting list.

We can start weekly lessons as soon as we’ve found you a lesson time. Your first lesson will be our Navigation lesson – getting you oriented in the online studio space, as well as setting up your personal space and navigating our way through the foundations of singing together to make sure we have a shared understanding and shared vocabulary to work from. I like to think of it as the time we get to fling open all the doors and windows together, and see all the possibilities ahead!

Become a Kea Voice Studio Member

  • New or returning student
  • Studio membership 12 months renewable
  • Equal monthly payments of 321€
  • Bespoke programme of working together
  • Live weekly zoom lessons, video and audio messages, text support
  • Studio library of resources – worksheets, vocal exercises
  • Quarterly group studio classes
  • Two concerts a year
Kea Student

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