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Workshop: November 2nd 2021

Practice Smarter: Be Your Own Voice Teacher


Nicky McGrath portrait

Join us for a Workshop and Master Class this November, all about practicing smarter.

For the first part of the evening, we’ll be learning from Nicky about what we can do to practice smarter, and to tailor our warm ups to our practice goals. We’ll get to try out some exercises, and ask lots of questions.

In the second part of the evening, singers will perform a song they have chosen, and work with Nicky to be their own voice teacher. The songs performed in the second half will be used as examples earlier in the evening for personalised warm ups.

Nicky McGrath is a Toronto based vocal pedagogue, contemporary commercial music (CCM) singing specialist, music educator, international performer and qualified coach. We are delighted to have her joining us in the studio.

Tuesday November 2nd
19:00 – 21:00 CET
Perform: 85€ / Participate: 35€
Registration closes Nov 1st

How does it work? The workshop terms & conditions:

Workshops are unique group events, and so have different terms and conditions from other studio activities.

Perform: You will provide the lyrics/chords/sheet music for the song you are going to sing, no later than one week before the date of the workshop. You may record your section of the workshop.

Participate: You will attend the workshop, and get to participate in the group exercises. There will be plenty of time for asking questions.

Recording & Intellectual Property: The presentation part of the workshop will be recorded, and will be available to GGVS members through the Studio Padlet. If you are recording your performance, you agree to only use this recording for personal use, and not share it online.

Location: All workshops will take place online, using the video conferencing platform Zoom. If this your first time singing together, I will provide you with instructions as to how to set up so that we get the best experience possible.

Refunds/Cancellation: No refunds, cancellation or rescheduling are possible, so please book wisely.

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