Musical Theatre Workshops

For Kids and Teens

In partnership with drama and dance teacher Lisa Bidnall, I teach Musical Theatre workshops for kids and teens (from age 8-18) in Paris 14th on Saturday mornings. Our partnership of expertise in music and theatre brings a wonderful team of teaching to our young students! Each workshop series is focused on one musical, where we learn the music/staging/dancing of several songs, and tie them together with dialogue and character study. You can read more about how we build confidence in our students through musical theatre here:

Workshops for Adults

I have partnerships with a select number of organisations in and around Paris. I teach workshops, masterclasses and group lessons with these organisations – see below for more information. You can also sign up to my newsletter to be kept up to date about upcoming partnerships! 

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Rock U Paris

I  have taught regular workshops and masterclasses in partnership with Rock U Paris since early 2018. These have taken place at their studio in the 7th. 

In 2019-2020 I will be continuing with this partnership in a new format – stay tuned for more information!

Rock U Paris is a rock school for children, teens and adults in the 7th. I love their commitment to creating great music through team work, learning, and not being afraid to give something new a go. You can find more about them and their programme here. 

International Players Paris

I first met the International Players in 2016 when I auditioned for and starred in their production of Annie. A partnership grew organically, and I have run several workshops with them since then. 

In 2019 I ran a series of workshops and a performance in partnership with IP, exploring the challenging but rewarding music of Stephen Sondheim and how to work with an accompanist. 

The International Players are an Anglophone amateur theatre company who have been active in the Paris region for nearly 40 years. You can find more about them here. 

What my students say...

"I would highly recommend Georgia Gray as a voice teacher. I attended a 2 session voice workshop with her, which was a powerful experience. Not only is she talented & insightful, she's also quite caring. In our workshop, she was able to identify small, but remarkable changes that almost instantaneously improved the sound of the each singer's voice, and it was handled with a great deal of tact. I walked away with some practical, almost organic solutions (to my many myriad faults) which gave me a boost of confidence, and I'm grateful! (who knew, I know how to use my diaphragm, etc). Believe me, you want Georgia in your court!"
Workshop Participant

Looking for something else?

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Individual Lessons

Learn to sing with confidence through individual singing lessons with Georgia in Paris 9th or 14th. Discover your full range, learn to use your breath with freedom and gain the confidence to perform.

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Visit my blog to read about vocal health, practice, student stories, show reviews and more!

Georgia Gray Singing Teacher About Lessons

About Georgia

Georgia is a twenty-something New Zealander living and working in Paris, France. She's a trained classical singer, passionate teacher and in her spare time she loves to sing for special events such as weddings.