A New Group Class: Voices in Flight

Welcome to Voices in Flight

A new way to do group singing lessons

Voices in Flight is the group singing class you’ve always wished existed – and now it does!

Part technique, part sing-a-long, part coaching and 100% fun, this class will help you gain confidence as a singer, whatever your goals and level of experience.

More than singing lessons

Not only do we meet once a month for 90 mins of singing fun and learning, but we also have challenges to choose from (do one or all of them!) between the classes, and an online learning platform where we can share resources and recordings with each other, in a safe and closed environment just for us.

Everything happens online, so you can join from the safety and comfort of your own home.

A group who will inspire you
The class is a small group of maximum 8 singers, who you will enjoy getting to know and cheering on in their progress – as they will for you. All of you will have access to Georgia’s support and advice through the online learning platform, and of course once a month live through the group class!
Informal, friendly and fun: these are the values leading this class. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll get some great work done, but you’ll do it in an environment where you’re excited to work.
voices in flight group lessons

What will it involve?

A monthly class...

In the monthly 90 minute class:


– Social time, checking in on each other and our goals

– A segment of technique and warm ups which will be recorded for replaying in the group online platform, for you to refer to between classes.

– Time for technical questions – how does my breath work? Why does my voice crack? There are no dumb questions and I will answer them all, either in the class or through resources later.


– Singing together through games and activities designed for the online space. This might include singing on “mute” along to a song together (no one else will hear you), before discussing it together and working on it. It might include singing together ‘perfectly imperfectly’ to work on being confident in your own voice while others are out of time. It might include a pass-the-parcel, putting the song together through a section each. 


– Coaching on songs that you’ve prepared – if you want to. You can bring a song to sing for everyone, and work on it with Georgia with support and encouragement from the rest of the group. If you don’t feel comfortable singing for everyone yet, you can learn from other people’s coaching, and be an extra supportive audience member.

Notes on coaching: 

  • You can sing whatever you like. You can sing a cappella (by yourself) or with a backing track, or accompanying yourself if that’s your thing. Georgia can help you find a backing track to practice with.
  • Everyone who wishes to sing each time will be given the same amount of time
singing online group

Prepare a Song

Prepare a song for the first class – if you want to! If you’ve got questions about what you should do, don’t hesitate to send Georgia an email and ask her about it.

It doesn’t need to be perfect – otherwise what would we work on? Make sure you know all the notes, and if you don’t know the words by heart, make sure you have a copy in front of you on your second device (or printed out).

Think about what it’s about, why you like to sing it, and what you find challenging/would like help with.

...and all the juicy extras

Between the classes: Introducing the Voices in Flight online learning platform, Padlet


As well as the recorded warm ups/technique sections from the group classes, you’ll also be able to see resources related to things that have come up in class, extra practice resources, and anything you ask me for, really! (Within reason!)


Each month, we will have several challenges to complete – you can choose to do one or all of them, based on your goals. Topics for the challenges could include vocal health, warming up, singing, choosing songs…you’ll have to wait and see! Everyone in the group will keep each other on track and motivated, and there will be opportunities to share your progress.

Preparing for the next class:

The group song for each class will be given to you in advance, and you’ll have a chance to get support for preparing your own song too if you wish.

online group lesson challenge

How does the online class work?

Zoom Lessons

I use the web application Zoom for all online classes. The confirmation email from your booking will have a link for the Zoom call, and/or it’ll be saved in the Padlet. For best results, be sure to download Zoom to your desktop and follow my guidelines (which I’ll send to you!) to adjust your audio settings to suit the class.

If you aren’t sure about how to set this up I will provide support to get you ready to go! 


Important - Make sure you're available for the live classes

The classes will take place on the last Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm – 9pm Paris time. Be sure you check this time and these dates against your own time zone!

March: Tuesday 30 March, 7:30 – 9pm CEST (UTC+2)

April: Tuesday 27 April, 7:30 – 9pm CET (UTC+1)

May: Tuesday 25 May, 7:30 – 9pm CET (UTC+1)

You can check against your own timezone here: worldtimebuddy.com

Prepare Your Space

Choose a room for the online class that is quiet where you will be undisturbed.

Set up your device so that you can stand comfortably without looking up or down at the screen. You can prop it up on a bookshelf, kitchen bar, or mantlepiece, for example.

If you have headphones/earphones, usually they help improve the sound quality of the connection.

You’ll need a second device (phone, tablet, second computer) for playing backing tracks and looking at resources during the class. Make sure this is set up nearby.

What if I get sick?

The advantage of an online class is that you can come even if you’re sick. If you don’t feel up to singing, you can still join (in your pjs without the camera on if you like!)  and learn from others, take notes, and do the exercises and activities when you’re feeling better.

Everyone will help you catch up in the online platform, and you can even post a video of the song you wanted to work on for feedback.

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Ready to sing?

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If you would like to know when registration opens for the next session, please fill out this form.

Lyra voices in flight

Lyra and I can't wait to meet you

Lyra will probably join us from time to time during class. (She thinks she runs GGVS and needs to supervise.)

We're looking forward to welcoming you to Voices in Flight!
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