Voices in Flight: A Group Singing Course to Free Your Voice

Welcome to Voices in Flight

Find confidence in your unique voice through group singing lessons

Voices in Flight is for people who feel stuck in their singing because the voice in their head tells them they ‘can’t’ because they aren’t ‘good enough’.
Sound familiar?
Voices in Flight will take you by the hand and help you find your free, brave, confident and unique voice. We’ll drown out those voices of doubt and criticism, and show you what you’re really capable of. 
10 weeks of singing fun and freedom
  • focus your practice
  • work on songs you love
  • grow as a singer
….all while having a tonne of fun with some great people.
Is this for you? Let me tell you more…
voices in flight group lessons

What is Voices in Flight?

In a safe and encouraging environment where we can try new things together, Georgia will gently push you outside your comfort zone while providing the safety net in case you fall. The rest of the group is there to support and encourage you too – and you’ll enjoy learning alongside them and celebrating their successes, being inspired to take risks as you see others do so, and helping them learn from their own ‘fails’.

10 weeks

6 participants

3 online group classes

1 online learning platform

Guided worksheets, audio guides and more...

Georgia Gray fun Paris

Take away the pressure, throw in lots of fun

When we love to sing, we can get weighed down by our need to constantly improve, be better, sing closer to perfection. We have an infinite possibility to learn, but we put so much pressure on ourselves that we get stuck.

In Voices in Flight we take away the pressure to be perfect and embrace imperfection. In doing so, we can get to know our voices better, experience the freedom to explore them, and build our confidence: we are indeed singers with beautiful unique voices! We are allowed to sing for joy first, and worry about the perfection second.

And the cool thing? When we stop trying so hard to improve, we go forward in leaps in bounds!

A group class that sees you as you are

I’d always wanted to teach a group singing class, because I know how powerful it is to be a part of a community and learn from our peers. But I also wanted to keep the personal, individualised aspect of my teaching that I believe is so essential to singing, where every voice is as different as every person.

It’s how I came up with this format, a mix of live group classes focusing on solo performance, with some fun group singing on the side, as a chance to sing without an agenda. Guided practice, because I know that one of the biggest challenges for any singer is when they are away from the teacher. And lots of self reflection through worksheets and activities, because I believe that getting to know yourself and getting to know your voice are the keys to singing freely and with confidence.

I hope you’ll join us!


In the words of Voices in Flight alumni...

"Do something because you love it, not because you're good at it. Then work on the getting good at it"

Ted, Voices in Flight Autumn 2020

"Singing is a fun way to make time for myself and to stop taking myself so seriously. Singing lessons don’t have to happen with a goal in mind, singing doesn’t HAVE to sound good, it doesn’t HAVE to be perfect and that taking risks and sometimes being silly is where we grow the most. Seeing some of the other students totally rock out and sing a song from their soul was inspiring and freeing, to say the least"

Amanda, Voices in Flight Autumn 2020

"Do it! It's WORTH it! It will help you in myriad ways - not just singing! Plus it's a warm, safe environment, with some accomplished singers!"

Peggy, Voices in Flight Autumn 2020

A monthly group class...

In the monthly 1h45 minute class:


– Warming up together with intention and learning about the different parts of a warm up. This section will be recorded and added to the Padlet.


You’ll be given a song to learn in advance of the live class, and we’ll use it to sing together in creative and silly ways. For the second and third classes, you’ll prepare this song with your ‘Connect’ group (more about this below).


Each participant will sing a song they have prepared, and will receive feedback and guidance on what to work on from Georgia, with support and encouragement from the rest of the group.

You can sing whatever you like. You can sing a cappella (by yourself) or with a backing track, or accompanying yourself if that’s your thing. 

singing online group

...and all the juicy extras

Between the classes: 

Through the online learning platform, Padlet, you will be able to access all the resources and challenges from Voices in Flight, as well as connect with the rest of the group.
online group lesson challenge
You’ll be assigned a small group of 2-3 people to connect with between the classes, keep each other motivated, and learn the group songs with. You can choose together how you wish to stay connected, whether that be through a group whatsapp, some zoom calls or email!

As well as the recorded warm ups/technique sections from the group classes, you’ll also be able to see resources related to things that have come up in class, extra practice resources, and anything you ask me for, really! (Within reason!)

"Getting a logical sequence for the warm-ups, and understanding what each is for and how they enable each other was pure gold."

Stef, Voices in Flight Autumn 2020

Every week you’ll be given guidance on where to focus your practice. Some weeks this will be through a worksheet on a particular topic, which you can complete, keep forever, and use to learn or revisit essential singing skills related to finding your unique voice.

"Making a song your own was illuminating! Something I'd never DARED touch w/ a ten foot pole - & yet it provided me with the temptation to TRY! It felt like "Whooooosh!" Liberating!"

Peggy, Voices in Flight Autumn 2020

I know everyone learns differently, so some weeks I will accompany your work with an audio recording, guiding you through a worksheet or giving you a pep talk.

"I LOVED the Connect group, and the members! It was great to work with them, get to know them better, and exchange lots of ideas and support."

Corinne, Voices in Flight Spring 2021

An outline of the course

Week 1: Live meet and greet call / How to choose a song*

Week 2: Live group class / Play with your voice*

Week 3: Make it your own*

Week 4: Connect – Play+

Week 5: Solo+

Week 6: Live group class / Knowing ourselves as singers*

Week 7: Building Confidence*

Week 8: Connect – Harmony+

Week 9: Solo+

Week 10: Live group class / Reflecting on your performance*


+Audio recording

You are welcome here

Voices in Flight welcomes diversity in every sense of the word, and welcomes you as you are. (I have some words on diversity and inclusion in the studio if you’d like to read more here).

YOUR voice. YOUR goals. Songs YOU love to sing.

You are welcome here whatever your experience level is, wherever you are on your singing journey, however many lessons you have or have not had, and whatever your goals.

The group songs will be chosen from a diverse range of popular music, but your solo song choices are completely up to you – pop, rock, funk, blues, jazz, musical theatre, classical, music hall, folk…we can’t wait to discover the songs that mean the world to you.
Georgia will listen, ask questions, guide you to find the answers yourself, and support you to focus your singing practice in the direction of wherever you’d like to go. 

"The people are lovely, everyone has their own singing style, their own energy and the love everyone has for music is so inspiring, it’s hard to stop singing when class is over."

Amanda, Voices in Flight Spring 2021

The nuts and bolts

How does the online class work?

Important - Make sure you're available for the live classes

Voices in Flight focuses around the live group classes, so it is essential that you make it to all of them. Be sure you check theses times and dates against your own time zone!

Meet and Greet: Tuesday 12 April 7:15 pm – 7:45 pm CEST (UTC+2)

Live Class #1: Tuesday 19 April, 7:15 pm – 9 pm CEST (UTC+2)

Live Class #2: Tuesday 17 May, 7:15 pm – 9 pm CEST (UTC+2)

Live Class #3: Tuesday 14 June, 7:15 pm – 9 pm CEST (UTC+2)

You can check against your own timezone here: worldtimebuddy.com

"The Meet and Greet was great. I like taking the time to meet everyone and hear about the different participants and how the workshop would be run."

Corinne, Voices in Flight Spring 2021

Cancellation Policy

I have a zero cancellation or refund policy for Voices in Flight. This is because the class is so successful when everyone is there for the whole thing, and the experience of everyone is impacted by each other’s presence. The upside of this is an amazing group experience!

So, if you aren’t 100% sure that you can make it to all the live classes, then perhaps this isn’t the right course for you. 

Zoom Classes

We’ve been doing singing classes through Zoom for over a year now, and while it’s different from in-person lessons, it works really well!

You’ll be given instructions on how to optimise Zoom for singing before the first class.

"I love that I’m able to join from anywhere (where I feel comfortable singing of course) and can fit it into my often hectic schedule."

Amanda, Voices in Flight Spring 2021

What You'll Need...

  • A space at home where you will be undisturbed, where you can stand and sit.
  • A device for the zoom call
  • Headphones
  • A second device to play any backing tracks you might need

What if I get sick?

The advantage of an online class is that you can come even if you’re sick. If you don’t feel up to singing, you can still join (in your pjs without the camera on if you like!)  and learn from others, take notes, and do the exercises and activities when you’re feeling better.

Everyone will help you catch up in the online platform, and you can even post a video of the song you wanted to work on for feedback.

I loved all the participants, and getting to know those new to me was great. It was interesting to see the different kinds of people and their different styles and challenges. I learned from everyone. Seeing what factors helped people and put them more at ease, seeing the different things they tried, having supportive feedback.... And you were great, Georgia. Your feedback was very specific and instructive for each person, also very supportive."

Corinne, Voices in Flight Autumn 2020

"Group singing in this way has been fulfilling in ways that I couldn't anticipate. If you're thinking "should I?" I'd say it's worth giving it a go."

Kelly, Voices in Flight Autumn 2020

What does it cost?

The course is 321€, paid in 3 instalments of 107€:

Payment #1 – due at registration, through booking

Payment #2 –  invoiced May 6th

Payment #3 – invoiced June 3rd

I have a payment policy of 7 days to pay invoices. Invoices can be paid by bank transfer or credit/debit card via Stripe.

If you register for the course and miss any classes, no refunds or cancellations will be possible. Please book carefully and make sure of your availability to commit to the whole 10 weeks.

How much time do I need to commit?

The meet and greet call is 30 mins.

The live classes are 1hr45

How much time you put in beyond that is up to you, but I do recommend you make sure you’ll have time to practice and complete the worksheets so you get the most out of the course. 

You’ll also need to be able to be available to connect with your ‘Connect’ group in Weeks 4 & 8 at the very least, but hopefully you’ll want to be in touch with each other more than that!

As an idea, you’ll spend anywhere from 30 mins to a several hours a week on your singing through the worksheets and guided practice activities. Most students put in 1-2 hours/week of individual practice.

I want to be sure that this is the right fit for you, so if you've got any questions at all, please get in touch:

After Voices in Flight:

Ready to sing?

Complete your registration by completing the booking form and sending your first payment via my secure payment system.

There are only six spots available, is one of them going to be yours?
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